Bandele Muse is an inner-galactic African life and style experience. An Afrofuturistic boutique featuring statement fashion pieces and magical adventures.


I am your host, Dagny Zenovia, and am so excited for you to explore this new world with me.

This is a journey with a variety of experiences to stimulate your imagination.

You are in the right place if...
You describe yourself as eclectic, vibrant, unique, elegant, and bold.

You want to be your best self and live your best life.

You believe you deserve more and want to impact more.

You are looking for a wholesome and sustainable fashion brand.
    Bandele Muse is...
    Affirming you with both outerwear and inner confidence.

    Showing you how to be intentional and influential in every aspect of your life.

    Designing and curating statement pieces that tell a story, carry positive intentions, and will become future heirlooms for generations to come.

    Exploring the concepts of sustainability, eCommerce, storytelling, time travel, and modern production.

      I invite you to see Bandele Muse as your inner-galactic African life and style experience guiding you home.


      When you are aligned with the best version of yourself, you radiate healing and love for generations before you and generations after you. With that power, you can make a memorable impact on your present reality.

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