Welcome to Bandele Muse. I am Dagny, your host in this inner-galactic African life and style experience guiding you home and featuring exquisite style, magical stories, and a wholesome community. I have been deep in my lab experimenting and designing an experience that we both will be proud of. I am excited to now share more of this journey with you as I post this first update, revealing the first phase of the website, as we continue to countdown to launch these products.

Well, my experiments in the lab have been encouraging. Only had 2 explosions. No permanent damage. I feel encouraged the products will be magnificent, but the level of exquisite uniqueness is adding more time to the process. But all is going according to plan. Of course, as long as the squad does not solve the clues faster than I anticipated.

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So, let’s get into the mood behind the debut collection, shall we? I would like to hear your thoughts on what resonates with you.

Let’s break down some of the elements:



This image illustrates a pattern known as Nsibidi, an ancient script from the Ejagham people of southeastern Nigeria and southwestern Cameroon. It does not correspond to any one spoken language. The symbols refer to abstract concepts, actions, or things. As I was designing the brand, I wanted to use a pattern that spoke to the value of ancient African script. This lead me to also explore Ge’ez from Ethiopia and Bamum from Cameroon.

As I dug deeper into these symbols, I realized the sketches I created prior to this research looked very similar to these patterns. As if I did not find the symbols...the symbols were already calling me. This was not an overnight experience. This style of sketches is something I have been drawing since I was a preteen...but only recently connected the dots between those sketches and these different ancient African scripts. Trust, back then I had no idea this connection existed.  After numerous drafts for this project, I created a pattern that is inspired by these scripts. A remix, if you will, that pays homage to Africa’s pre-colonial past while creating a new world in the future.

 Bandele Muse mood inspiration photos  

These images illustrate some of the attitudes Bandele Muse carries. Elegant, bold, African, Afrocentric, colorful, futuristic, royal, Afrofuturism, and unique.  These designs will showcase the quality and craftsmanship of fashion made in Africa, which is bespoke and sustainable fashion by default through the methods and people who create it. These experiences will illustrate a magical fusion of ancient and futuristic in fashion, lifestyle, and imagination.

Bandele Muse character inspiration photos


These images are an example of the inspiration and character story for Bandele Muse. I love the storytelling and artistry behind Studio Ghibli and Pixar movies. I would not call myself an ultimate anime or comics fanatic, but I have watched a good amount of Inuyahsa and Sailor Moon with my anime/manga-guru sister. Yes, I know...old school. Now, what would it look like if a story, like Studio Ghibli and Pixar, was set in an African inspired city, fusing folklore, magic, values, tech, Afrofuturism, and humor? What would it feel like if the main characters carried each collection? We will be answering these questions together in the near future.

I am so excited to hear your thoughts.

What do you think? Do any of the elements I mention above resonate with you? What are you most excited about? Please share with me. I love hearing from you.

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